Why 360 ° Vision was born


  • Today we see with great pleasure the fact that investors buy old houses, remodel them and turn them into boutique hotels, others into luxury boutiques; some others build them and make important investments, with most good taste.
  • But the truth begins a day after the inauguration where the investor realizes that he has entered into an extremely complex business and which he does not understand. We know that operating and making a hotel profitable involves a series of processes, systems and experiences. That they do not know.
  • Given the above, there is a decision to make: "I do it only with my common sense, because in other businesses I am successful or I am looking for someone professional to help me operate my property".


  • If you chose the second one, I should seek very professional and non-onerous help, in addition to not losing control of my business.
  • In other words someone who makes my property profitable and I remain the owner.
  • For this, Aluni.Travel has created an integral solution, which supports the owners of these hotels, under the premise "Win-Win".
  • With very attractive quotas, that do not hurt the economy of the owners and looking for a total transparency in all the areas involved..
  • Our proposal is very elementary and concrete because it intervenes in all the processes of the hotel business, looking for that profitability.




Our hotel collections have been selected for their exclusivity, luxury, quality, comfort and service. And have also been awarded and recognized by the highest tourism organizations, well-known for their ethics and honorability in the world of tourism.

Only 25 luxury properties are part of each Collection. These properties are given our exclusive attention, since we do not include more than one property per destination, focusing completely on each one. All of the above makes aluni.travel 360° Vision, a full angle representation, which makes it unique and innovative.

Mexican tourists are worldwide recognized for their high per capita travel expenditure.

What makes us attractive and different? We provide a 360° presence in a highly sought-after country, all in one monthly fee without paying commissions, in addition to a direct deal with your client.


We develop high quality pages, with a powerful support and 24/7 accessibility.

This site is safe, friendly and rich in content

Extended Technical Card: With information of each property and the destination where it is located, highlighting its Key Selling Points. Includes text you deem necessary (divided by services), main image, image gallery at your discretion, location and link to your official site.

It has full information of each property and destination where it´s located, highlighting its Key Selling Points.

This site will have a direct link to your website, so that all negotiations will be done directly with the property.

According to our guidelines, the property must provide us; images, videos and full information, for the creation of its content.

Social Media

The collection will have a Social Media campaign in Mexico (TW, FB, LI, IG, etc.).

During Aluni.Travel’s Social Media campaign, the property will have the following monthly presence:

  • 8 publications (FB)
  • 8 publications (IG)
  • 9 publications (TW)
  • 8 Promo posts
  • TOTAL: 25 Publications + 8 Promo Posts.

This will always be done, searching for traffic for the collection page and thus linking it to the hotel site. It is very important that the property contributes with its creativity and support to the enrichment of the content, because the images and texts will always have the exposure of its user (example: @Hotel).

If you wish to expose some additional information please contact

Mass Mailing

As an additional instrument, we will have Massive Mailings throughout the country, for Travel Agents, Meeting Planners, Chambers of Commerce and Corporations. We will be sending emails to our extensive databases in our country.

This effort will continue with the structure of exposing the property along with 4 more members of the same collection.

Throughout our database we will be sending a total of 4 thousand monthly mailings to different segments, with the offers and appropriate information provided by the company.

Why us?

As you can see, our services are a unique and innovative solution that, for a single monthly payment, offer a set of benefits ideal for your property or business. Besides not interfering in the management of offers and rates, without commission; except for actions with Travel Agencies.

We also have the "Commercial Partners“ section, where you will find shopping benefits with attractive and exclusive discounts with several companies. After signing the agreement you will be granted the access code to this benefit.

Business Increase


Our Collection will have presence in the different contact channels, as well as with alliances and support with other business partners that will allow us to establish a direct connection with the consumer, in order to link it to your official Website through a code with the offers and information you believe pertinent.

Recalling that the information sent to us and authorized by the property will be important for the consumer to visit to your Website.

The code provided will be used for measurement purposes.

Best Available Rate

Everything going through our web page will be linked directly to the property website. This cancels any commission payment.

To be more attractive in our announcements, we request the property to create a "Promo Code" (AluniT) in the hotel page, so customers visiting our Collection can access it and obtain offers and unique benefits, that will not be for public sale, avoiding with this any issue with OTA's, Wholesalers and Travel Agencies.

Benefits should be unique and attractive, as we seek to sell the highest hotel rate without a commission payment. The property will be able to measure the productivity of belonging to this exclusive Collection and is free to offer their products and rates at will. We do not charge commissions.

Commercial Account

This important segment typically works with intermediaries that generate commission payments and the use of GDS's.

We attack this segment as follows:

1. Mass mailings to companies and executives involved in this segment.

 2. Bimonthly visits to three accounts in which the property has interest in..

3. We need to have a "Promo Code" (AluniCC) on your website with everything that your promotion or benefit includes.

Groups and Conventions

Our strategy to obtain "leads" in this segment is based on the following:

  1. Massive mailings to our databases in all 32 states of Mexico to Companies, Laboratories, Industries, Chambers of Commerce, Schools and Universities.
  2. Meeting Planners and Incentive Houses. With these experts we will maintain continuous contact through emails and monthly Breakfast.
  3. Travel Agencies promotion will be during the monthly Breakfast Presentation/Seminars and massive mailings.
  4. The Property should send us group rates, packages and benefits to promote groups and conventions.
  5. Commissions in the 3 cases: The Property should define the commissions to attract bullet points 1, 2 and 3, since the negotiation will be exclusively between both parties.
  6. All contact will be done directly with the Property.
Breakfast Presentation/Semminar

This effort is directed to Mexican travel agents. Mexican travelers still likes that someone else fully prepare their trips.

The Collection will be presented in 4 monthly breakfasts to 25 travel agents each, either in Mexico City, Monterrey or Guadalajara, making a monthly total of 100 travel agents. In these presentations, your hotel and other properties belonging to the same collection will be presented.
(This concept varies according to the collection)

The hotels will receive the agendas of where and when their breakfasts will be held, in case they would like to participate.

Promotional material will be delivered with the Key Selling Points of the five properties presented. The offers, promotions and way of booking (call center, 800 number, GDS, etc.) will be sent to us in advance by the property and if the property desires, commissionable rates for travel agents to sell. The hotel presentation will be previously sent to the property for approval.

Individual and group segments will be attended.

Revenue Manager

Within this benefit a Revenue Manager will monitor, advice and make suggestions to the property.

The property will indicate the Revenue Manager their two main competitor hotels, which will be monitored.

The RM will check that the information on the hotel website is competitive.

The RM will track the AluniT and AluniCC Promo Codes, and verify that the benefits are attractive against other sales channels and will suggest correctives.

A biweekly report will be issued.


For being an exclusive luxury collection, we will have a weekly, proactive and personalized communication with the property to review progress, opportunity areas and create and apply an action plan, in order to achieve positive results of our alliance.

We also have the "Concierge online" service, available 24/7, with a maximum response time of 12 hours.

A Content Manager will be assigned to your property.

A monthly report with all the benefits actions will be generated.

All of this reinforces our "Win - Win" commitment.